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Tackle House Shibuki Diving Pencil 187mm 77g

Tackle House

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Product Overview

Taking a throbbing heartbeat to the tuna

A flying fish shoots out of the sea and glides through the air. It thinks it has escaped, but in fact the tuna targeting it is right there beneath the surface. The tuna tracks the flying fish, nailing it down the moment it lands on the water…..A floating pencil created from this fierce battle-that is the Shibuki dp.

Shark Head

The head is wide and compressed, unlike any other model. Not only does it generate a smooth diving performance, but it also wears a garland of fine air bubbles all the time underwater, which strongly appeals to tuna.


With a weighty dp, it is the weight shift generated by the combination of magnetized balls that influences the way it swims rather than the casting distance. Featuring reduced inadvertent body roll and tail waggle, this lure creates an irregular illusion that tuna have never experienced before.

Stabilizer Fin

Due to the lure's large size, its swimming form could easily get unbalanced, but the stabilizer fin on the back ensures a very stable performance even during full-speed retrieval.

3D Laser Cut Wire (Through the body)

The 1.2mm diameter wire inside the body is an essential feature when casting for tuna. It's configured to a strength that provides you with a final chance even in the worst situation where the body of the lure is damaged during the fight.

Reinforced ABD Body

The exclusive material used to add power to the body of the Shibuki is ABS resin, and the thickness has been set at 1.5mm. This ensures maximum strength to counteract the prodigious bite, fight and shock the tuna can produce.

Super Hard Coating

The super hard coating is designed to resist the tuna's tough jaws and sharp teeth.

Universal Silhouette

Research on the shape of the bait favored by tuna in different regions has resulted in the creation of this universal silhouette that will be effective both in Japan and elsewhere, as the word "universal" suggests.

Glass Eye

Showing due respect to the tuna, the supreme challenge of the casting game, a glass eye has been adopted. It displays the lure's presence even more than the size of its body.