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Duel Armored F Pro Braid Line


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Product Overview

distance / intensity / sensitivity - the ultimate model that was further improved durability. Strong in the ultra PE x fluorocarbon x silicon thread! Strong to friction! About 2-fold durability than conventional PE line for thread. * compared with general PE, easy to use because of the moderate stiffness Hari, the distance UP * hard resin processing, compared with the general PE line, thread durability twice * compared with general PE, initial elongation less, a per delicate reliably convey ultrasensitive design * 25 m every 4 coded & colors 12m portions to white + black + white markings containing easily capture the hit points * the PE ARMOR SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL PATENT the PE yarn by that confinement in a special polyethylene resin, Monofira (nylon, fluorocarbon) can be used in a similar sense as the line.


Strength(lb) Strength(kg) Dia.(mm)
12 5.5 0.14
15 7 0.16
19 9 0.18
25 11 0.21